Welcome to the D|MA Alumni Site

This site has replaced the previous site for students.design.ucla.edu. It is intended to serve former Design|Media Arts students and provide a more permanent home for website redirections and the like. Right now it is still in its testing stage.

If you are a current D|MA student

You are eligible for an account on webspace on our main web server, students.dma.ucla.edu. For help on how to get an account or how to create your web folder, please see our support pages.

If you are an alum and have never had an alumni/oldstudents account

We are still working out the details of the alumni gateway and the priviledges afforded to alumni. Hopefully we will have a permanent server soon.

If you are an alum (or current student) and had a website/data on students.design.ucla.edu

Please contact support at design dot ucla dot edu for information on how to copy your data either to the existing user server (for current students) or to a new alum account (for alumni).

If you are wondering where the old "students.design.ucla.edu" index page has gone, click here.

Last revision: 7-29-02 by: Alan Wood